Full service interior Design and Architecture firms offer free consultations as a
teaser to get clients to buy their ideas. Usually they will only work with clients
who hire their contractors and then charge a percentage of the total
construction cost. Or have you buy marked-up furnishings. So, built right into
this old business model, is incentive to have you spend more. This model
works well for clients who can afford it but most cannot.

Design Q&A is designed to give its clients the power to only buy the service
they need. We give you creative ideas and objective opinions upfront.
(incidentally that is why we asked to be paid at the end of each visit as well)
You only buy more service if you need to visualize the ideas that are probably
swimming around your head. You can take our ideas and do them yourself or
we will suggest independent builders qualified for your project.
"It looks better than our
best hopes."

David, Minneapolis