Paul Livdahl's experience is varied but with a constant creativity aimed toward making
whatever exists, better. He also knows that being creative is only part of the solution. He
knows how to manage creativity into reality.

On top of the three years of helping clients work through home design issues at Design
Q&A, Paul's professional experiences have included, product development, building
restoration and renovation, home furnishing design, marketing, and graphic design.

He has learned about consumer tastes by designing products that have been sold in Room
and Board, Target, Crate and Barrel,  JC Penney, Sears, CB2 and numerous furniture stores
throughout the nation. He can also speak expertly to home construction issues because he
has done renovation and restoration on homes in historic districts and everyday construction
in live-in-everyday residences
all over the Midwest.
"It looks better than our
best hopes."

David, Minneapolis