Design Q&A was founded in 2005 by a guy, Paul Livdahl, with
the help of his wife and many talented friends who were foolish
enough to think they would get jobs out of the deal. When he
says 'WE' he is referring to these friends who helped create
the business and may someday work here as well.

Paul is an extremely creative type that has earned an MFA at
the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2003. He really
cares about his clients and their projects because his parents
instilled in him an innate responsibility to help people of every
walk of life with an earnest smile on his face.  

Paul understands that people lead busy lives so gets to his
clients homes on time and meets deadlines so they can move
on with their projects. Read more next to the
Experience' Tab
"It looks better than our
best hopes."

David, Minneapolis